i've never experienced Community Like this or knew it was possible until I became part of COMission (Aaron Freeman-Alumni) ,  Having COMission as support was more than I could have dreamed of...(Meghan Crane-Freshman) , my second semester was a blur of learning what it meant to follow Jesus... serving the campus and getting equipped to be sent out TO reach others. (John Cummings-Junior), I was intrigued by how much everyone in COMission truly cared for one another AND I didn’t know then...but everyone there was reflecting Christ’s love. (Danielle Appleget- Sophomore), My best friends and family (COMission) have served me-equipped me-and sent me out to be a missionary on campus and even in ASIA...but they didn’t send me out alone...they also taught me that we’re in this together. (Madeline Seiberlich-Senior), they supported me in my area of influence on campus... challenged me to do things that I would have been too apprehensive to do by myself and made me rethink the way I viewed others with lifestyles that were completely different than mine. (Kristin NessLAR-Alumni)

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